Friday, June 4, 2010


Oh my...when I though that Friday couldn't get here any sooner, it jumped up an bit me on the butt! This week just flew by! Since last Friday, I have received my camera back, and I am SO excited to share a few spaces of my TX home with you all!

This is one of my favorite parts of my tiny living room. I have pictures of all my family and closest friends in frames, flip albums, and photo stands on and above this shelf. The one in the center is a frame I set with a picture of my grandma, my mom, and myself all at the age of 17.

If you follow my facebook, you've seen this, but I'm so happy to have finished it. This is my necklace holder that hangs above my dresser (but well within reach) in my bedrooom. I found the frame at a thrift store for $3 and I found the screen material. I love it! It adds a little color to my room, and also keeps my jewelery from getting tangled in my jewlery box!

This is my little scrapbooking area! It is essentially my dining room turned craft space! I'm still working on my table, but I'll post pictures when I finish that. The large frame on the wall holds my ribbon in a manner that I can pull, clip, and re-pin. I ironed it all before rolling in onto the wire. It was a really easy project. I used craft wire and anchored it to the inside of the picture frame (which was given to me), and then just rolled my ribbon onto the wire. I added a few extras, like my mini chandelier and handmade glass pocket my sister made, just to give an extra spark.

I don't know if the pictures do it much justice....but it is really cute!

Now onto my week! Haha.

Well, last Friday, when I arrived home, I was really freaked out. CN was having an argument with someone as I was approaching my steps....there were several doors slamming and yelling that made me not want to go up...but I did. There was no one on the balcony, so I quickly jetted in unharmed. I did discover today, that he lurks all over the complex. He was standing in the mail room today...not talking to the mail lady and she was filling the boxes...just standing in there....

The scare was soon subsided with the news that I would be attending the Deftones concert with my bff on Saturday! It was phenomenal! We waited in the eternal line. Arrived at the ticket counter (after asking if they took credit cards/debit cards and being told yes) and could purchase the tickets!!!! Why, you ask? Because they didn't take credit/debit at the ticket box. WTH!!! So, we tried to bribe our way in, which didn't work. Then we met a group...who we apparently trusted enough for my friend to give her debit card and PIN number to...who went to the bar area, convinced the bartender to give her cash for transaction, and brought it back to us. When then fanagled our way into the line and purchased the tickets. It was rough, but we made it. The show was wonderful...although Chino looked like he just finished playing golf and was texting between songs the entire unprofessional! No major injuries were received...just a few bruises from angry moshers.

The week flew by at work. My class is great! I gave them a pop quiz, and I didn't even get ONE complaint! I couldn't believe it. When I went into class on Thursday though, only one person finished their test I had to punish them. I decided to add 20 questions to their test, and not tell them what material they were over other than the chapters in this unit. They weren't happy...but neither was I. I didn't like that they just expected me to give them answers or class time to complete their reviews when they had them for 4 weeks. It ended up slightly punishing me, because I had to entirely retype the exam and add the questions. Hopefully they learn though.

Today was fabulous! I went to the Kimbrell's family farm to volunteer. Their official name is Cimarron Organics. I got a tour, learned a little bit of farming knowledge, and then planted baby watermelon and pulled weeds in the previously planted watermelon rows. I had a ton of fun! Reconnected with nature a little. Met a new friend. I had so much fun! My pay was as many organic, green house grown tomatoes (which are delicious!) and what was left of the fresh, organic asparagus! I didn't take near enough tomatoes though! I do plan on returning each Friday to help out! If you'd like to read about the farm, the website it

I'm also looking forward to the next few days/weeks. Time will fly (I hope) until my trip to California in July to visit my baby niece, Sunny Marie, and my sister and her boyfriend. My co-worker is also setting me up on a blind date with a friend of hers. I'm a little anxious about that, because I've never been set up before...but hopefully all goes well. We have similar lifestyles and are both (apparently) positive, happy people! I'll keep you posted of how that goes. So far, the dates I've been on since my return here haven't been fabulous....

Until next Friday,
Kristi Jean

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  1. Hey Kristi ~ Ok...I almost cried when I saw your craft space because I miss crafting with you so much! I know we didn't do it that often, but when we did it was fabulous!

    I love the jewelry holder and the ribbon one too! Very clever.

    Thanks for posting the newsy update - love your blog format! Sounds like you are keeping very busy...can't wait to hear about the blind date...

    ~ Deb