Friday, June 25, 2010

4...although it should be more

Hello readers (ahem...Deb and Carrie :D )

I apologize for my incredibly delayed blog. I actually haven't utilized my last two Fridays like I typically do. Not too much action has been happening here in the plains. I've mainly been up to work and spending some time with friends. Much needed! The last two Fridays I've actually spent getting to know Nic (blind date guy). He seems pretty fun! Just as sarcastic as I am, which is somewhat important so that I don't hurt feelings (as I've been told I often do). Oh yes, and he is hot. Very. Haha. Sadly enough....that's as exciting as this town has been. Hopefully next Friday I will have more to post *FROM CALIFORNIA!!!* I'm so excited to see my sister and Sunny :)

Until next Friday (really)


  1. Yay! I got a shoutout! :)

    I want to see pictures of this Nic guy! Is it weird that his name is Nic?

    And have so much fun in CA! I can't wait to see more pictures...your sister has been lacking in that department! :)

  2. Ok. I feel like a loser blog friend. Somehow I missed this post and am just now catching up. Let's see...this is over a month old now...are you still swooning over Nic? Miss you so much, girly! Wish you could visit AZ sometime soon!