Friday, May 14, 2010


Welcome to my *NEW* blog home! I've recently moved to Amarillo, TX! Although I end that sentence with an exclamation sometimes isn't all that exciting of a place. I do have lots of family, friends, and planning though. I'm a vegan living in a not so vegan friendly city. I love green...and the translation of my city is yellow. I have a Dachshund and a Cat that are fantastic. I teach dental assisting and I LOVE it!!! I'm a crafter and earth lover - I am striving to expand my skills in both of these things. I moved away from my love (aka, the city of PHOENIX) and started a new branch in my life tree. Here's hoping everything works out for the best!

I'll be updating my blog each Friday. As part of my new goals, I am living minimally...which includes no internet at home. I'm trying as much as possible to reduce the amount of energy I use and the amount of waste I produce...I figured that is one way. I'm really excited to share the experiences I have had so far with my move and look forward to what my years back in Amarillo will hold. Next week, I'll be updating with a whole post and pictures! I hope everyone has a fantastic week...

Until next Friday,
Kristi Jean.

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  1. Hi Kristi ~ Love the photo of you kissing the tree! Love you & miss you! xo