Friday, February 25, 2011

T-7 Days

Well, the clock is ticking faster than I thought it would!  I cannot believe that I'll be halfway to Phoenix at this time next week.  I should be working on homework as I am writing this blog, but I'm feeling a bit distracted.  

...In fact, I took a break writing this blog to check out some old pictures from when I was camping last year!  

Ash get's his cart soon.  Hopefully TOMORROW!!!  My Dachshund will be sporting some sweet wheels.  Something like these:
Yay!  I'm already planning on painting it a new color...maybe adding a sticker or something to personalize it for Ash.  He's been trying to get me to play fetch with him lately, so I am so happy that he'll be getting his cart and be able to play again!!!

This week is going to fly by so quickly.  I cannot wait to see my Phoenix friends soon.  I'll be back to Amarillo on Monday the 7th, but we are going through some more interviews this week.  I hope this next candidate is just perfect!!  I'll keep everyone updated on the move!  Woo HOOO!!!


  1. Of COURSE you are planning on painting his cart. LOL. You're so cute, Kristi. Looking forward to spending some time with you when you get back to AZ!!!

  2. Take pictures! :)
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